Roteiro do vídeo para o Kickstarter

Estamos pensando em, após a finalização do projeto final, tentarmos arrecadar fundos no Kickstarter para desenvolvermos o Tangima de uma forma mais profissional.. Segue a primeira proposta do roteiro do vídeo.

(Duracao: 3:00 min)

(SCENE 1) – The Dream / Insight (what calls the hero) – 15 Sec

Rafael em off: Imagine for a second…

What if pixels were able to move?

Images, sounds and videos coming off the screen, invading the physical space we live in.. Instead of flat screens, we would have volumetric screens, displaying all the content in relief.

(SCENE 2) – What are we talking about? – 5 sec

Rafael em off:: I present you the Tangima. Tangima is a volumetric display which aims to make images tangible in real time.

(SCENE 3) – What do we want to achieve? – 10 sec

Rafael em off:: We want to become more intimate with virtual images.. If you know what I mean…

We want to feel it…

We want to touch it..

We want to interact physically with it..

(SCENE 4) – Is there anyone doing it? – 30 sec

Rafael em off:: But we are not the only ones. There are already many people around the world, developing similar technologies.

So, what makes Tangima something new?

We want to share this technology with everybody. We want a low cost design, an open source and a “do it yourself style”*, so everybody can use it, reinvent it and improve it.

(SCENE 5) – How does it works? – 30 sec

Rafael em off: And how would that work?

In place of pixels, we have pins, and we make those pins able to move linearly.

Each Tangima pin is an independent module. When you connect the pins to each other you have a matrix. This matrix of pins represents your Tangima, your volumetric screen.

Then, you will connect your Tangima display to one controller. (we are using arduino) So our software,  developed in Processing, can take care of the rest.

Don’t worry, our software’s code is open so you can modify and create anything you want to.

(SCENE 3) – What do we want to achieve? – 10 sec

Rafael em off:: We want to become more intimate with virtual images.. If you know what I mean…

We want to feel it…

We want to touch it..

We want to interact physically with it..

CLIMAX – 10 sec

(SCENE 6) – Demo or die! – 10 sec

Rafael em off: You must be thinking,” Demo or die! I want to see it working”?

So far, we have prototyped a conceptual Tangima to prove that this technology is possible [Final Project scenes]

SOLUTION – 30 sec

(SCENE 7) – Demo – 30 sec

Rafael em off: So far, Tangima can show images scanned by a Kinect…

Tangima can display songs..

Tangima can simply represent a beautiful wave movement…

It’s you who decide. With Tangima you can develop your own applications and share the code with our entire community.

(SCENE 8) – I want it, how may I get it? – 15 sec

Rafael em off: If you don’t want to spend your time and energy building your own tangima, relax. We will sell each pin and controller separately, and deliver it to you, wherever you are. Otherwise you can build your own Tangima following the instructions in our blog.

CREDITS – 35 sec

(SCENE 9) – Who are you? – 35 sec

Rafael em off: But who are “we”?

Crespo: “Hello Kickstarters, my name is Rafael Crespo, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I just got my degree in Digital Media Design  at PUC-Rio. The project Tangima was my graduation project, supervised by Professor John Bonelli. ”

Bonelli: “Hello Kickstarters, my name is João Bonelli, I have a PHD degree in __ and a Master ‘s degree from ITP NYU.

Nowadays I’m teaching tangible interfaces at PUC-Rio and guiding the project Tangima”.

Bonelli: “This project was conceived and prototyped in just 6 months, during the “final design project” class, with virtually no resources available. Now we want to produce it in a professional way and share it with everyone.”

Crespo: “For this to be possible, we need your help. Contributing to this kickstart, you are helping fund services, equipment and materials necessary to build, test and distribute Tangima for everyone. Please, help us change the way we interact with computer screens ”

Bonelli: “Also, be sure to follow all our development process at the blog:  And if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or whatever, we would be happy to talk to you.”

Both: “Thank you very much! ”

Like? Share! 🙂

Thank you.


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